Mental Health

when first thinking of health our mind will most likely think of the physical aspects such as exercise and what you eat, but metal health is just as important as physical health. I just took my AP psychology exam and when reviewing I found out about the effects of low mental health and negitive emotions such depression, anxiety, and so on. While we may not experience these extremes everyday feelings of stress, anger, sadness, and worry can take their toll. I’m going to be taking about a few ways to help your mental health, so let’s get started!

One easy thing to do is is get enough sleep. Even though I have a hard time doing this myself it is essential. Sleep is where the body gets to recuperate and will help your mood monumentally.

Another great mental health booster is spending time with friends and family. Setting up a getaway or just taking some time out of your busy day to have fun and relax is quite beneficial. Surrounding yourself with good people that make you happy is quite important as well.

Doing things that you are good at and enjoy is quite beneficial as well. It will boost your self-confidence and realization. Whether you do it once a week or once a day you will just feel better. I like to draw and sketch, but others enjoy reading, writing, cooking, working out, etc…

I love ding art to relax

Dealing with emotions healthily is also a good way to boost mental health. When feeling stressed do something that calms you down rather than bottling it up. When angry you can let it out by writing about it or taking time to look at what is making you frustrated. Overall when expirencing negative emotions like stress, worry, anger, anxiety, sadness, and so on look for calm and productive ways to let it out without taking it out on others or yourself.

Just think positively. I know you always hear stuff like this but it really does help. It will help you view yourself, others, and the world around you in a better light. Positivity boosts self-esteem, productivity, and has effects on your success. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something or aren’t good enough you’ll never truly reach your full potential.

Overall mental health is a super important part of life because it affects everything you interact with. Keeping yourself mentally healthy will improve your life quality and relationship with others so try a few of the things mentioned above to improve your mental health!