Weekend Retreat

This last weekend was Mother’s Day and my family and I were able to travel up to Ojai for a relaxing getaway. It was really nice to take a day to escape everyday life. While in Ojai we went to the Ojai Valley Inn for brunch with some family friends. Taking time to have fun and enjoy life is essential to a person’s well being and overall health.

We arrived around 12 into sunny Ojai from rainy Santa Barbara. We all sat in these cute wooden chairs on the large golf course while we waited for our table. I was the oldest of the four kids there, including my little sister, so I was given the task of watching them while the adults got their downtime.

We were then told our table was ready so we walked to the building where the brunch buffet was being held. It was in the new building that they Just built called The Farm House. It’s a large metal building in the shape of a barn surrounded by grassy hills, trees, and gardens. I had heard about the new building before but it was only used for special events so I was super excited to see what it was like.

Once we sat down it was off to the buffet. There were hundreds of food choices all made at the Inn and many used some of the fruits and vegetables grown in the surrounding gardens. There was a baratta making station, a custom salad and pasta bar, and of course lots of desserts. I used this opportunity of endless food to try new things and tried to stay on the healthy side, with the acception of a few desserts.

Overall I’d say Mother’s Day was a success we all got a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is super important to take time for yourself and do things that you enjoy in order to reduce stress that you’ve accumulated over the week. So take time to do something fun whether it’s going to brunch, going on a trip, or simply being around those who make you feel good!

An Escape to Ojai

Last week I talked about stress, how it affects the body, and ways to get rid of it. This weekend I had a sort of stress detox at the Ojai Valley Inn. I was able to get away from the chaos of everyday life and relax. The natural surroundings were beautiful, but what I was most excited about was getting to go to the spa. Overall it was just a great place for me to get away without being too far from home.

One of the pools at the spa

From the first moment I walked into the spa I felt calm and refreshed. There were healthy snacks and beverages around every corner like lavender lemonade and fruit. There was also a steam room and sauna which I tried. Surprisingly steam rooms and saunas actually carry heal benefits such as improving cardiovascular health by improving circulation, lowering blood pressure, and it helps to heal broken tissue. After relaxing in the hot tub I went upstairs to wait for my treatment. I got the Purifying Radiance Facial which uses all OSEA products. OSEA is an all organic natural approach to skincare that began in Malibu. I was really excited to try out these products and see if they were really all they seemed to be.

OSEA products at the spa boutique

So a very brief description of the fifty minute session; it began with steam to open up my pores then an exfoliating scrub which was balanced out with a lotion. Next she used serums which were was followed by a mask. Once that was removed she used the ocean cleanser. When I was done my skin felt refreshed and looked really good. I would say that these products did actually did make a difference which is probably due to their all natural ingredients. They are a bit on the pricey side but I’d say it is worth it! I was given recommendations for products and got a few samples including the cream cleansing mud, an exfoliator, blemish balm, and the ocean cleanser. I was super happy with the results and may begin to add OSEA into my skincare routine.

After I was finished with the facial I went to the Spa Cafe for lunch. I got the Farmer’s Market Salad which was really good. It contained mixed greens, feta, pecans, golden beets, croutons, and balsamic dressing. It was a simple salad that would be really easy to make at home. My sister got Thai spring rolls which were another healthy option.

Lunch at the Spa Cafe